Arbitration & Conciliation

The Firm practices in the area of Alternate Dispute Resolution and represents its clients as advocates in ADR proceedings, serves as Mediators or Arbitrators in disputes between parties, and designs ADR contracts and policies for clients.

Civil & Commercial

The Firm is involved in handling of the complex spectrum of commercial litigation and represents a wide variety of businesses in the myriad disputes that arise in today’s ever-changing commercial world. The Firm prides itself on the variety of clients it represents and the diversity of claims it handles in various Forums. The Firm handles various kinds of commercial litigations, ranging from single-issue injunction cases to multimillion contract disputes. Our size and experience enables us to assume responsibility for new matters quickly and efficiently. The scope of our commercial litigation experience is very broad and also includes issues relating to Real Estate, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Shipping and E-Commerce amongst others.

Criminal Law

In the Criminal Law Side, the Firm provides services of certain classes of Criminal Mattes inter alia Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, Fraud, Cheating, Criminal Conspiracy, Burglary, Accident, Misappropriation of funds, Defamation, Offences related to Property, Breach of Contract, Marriages including Dowry demands and polygamy. The Firm advises its clients at all levels and represents them in Criminal Courts at District Level as well as in the high Courts and Supreme Court of India.

Family & Personal law

The Firm serves its clients on matters ranging from simple to complex divorce and custody matters. Initial consultation includes an in-depth assessment of the situations, with a view towards achieving a resolution at the least possible financial and emotional expense to its client. Where amicable resolutions are not possible, the Firm pursues its client’s interests through the discovery, trial and post-trial enforcement stages.

Intellectual Property / Cyber Law

The Intellectual Property Rights are the most valuable property rights which encompass many forms of intangible property and include copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. The Firm provides umbrella service to its clients in Registration of Trade Mark, Patent, Copyright, Design and represents before the Designated Authority. Intellectual Property is often the most valuable and least protected asset of many businesses and creative individuals. The Firm provides its clients its advice and assistance to protect the work of creative individuals and businesses and further advises on steps to be taken to stop infringement by unauthorized users.

Mining & Infrastructure Law

The Firm provides specialized advisory and litigations support in Mining & Infrastructure Law and represent its clients in various forums with respect to the said laws.

Industrial & Labour Law

The Firm advises both Public Sector and Private Sector Corporates in all areas of labour and employment law. The Firm advises its clients in the prevention of potential litigation through, for example, review and preparation of employee handbooks and review and drafting of employment contracts, Trade Union Agreement, Tripartite Agreement and other Agreements. The Firm advises its clients on a broad range of issues under Industrial Law, Workmen Compensation Act, Trade Union Agreement and other Industrial and Labour Laws. The Firm represents employers in proceedings before Labour Tribunals as well as before Courts in defense of all types of employment litigation, including wrongful termination and discrimination claims.

Taxation Law

The Firm deals with and provides solution across the various fields in direct and indirect tax laws like Income Tax Law, Sales Tax Law, VAT, Excise and Customs and Service Tax, etc.

Competition & Anti Trust Law

The Firm deals and advices its clients on competition & Antitrust laws and represents its client before the competition commission and other judicial and quasi judicial authorities with respect to the concerned legislations.

Shipping & Maritime Law

The Firm also deals in Shipping & maritime litigation and provides its client with specified services in this respect.

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